PR support on your way into the German market

Ulrike Beckmann PR has expertise in PR and communications for international clients. This includes strategic consulting, building up press relations with important German trade media and texts for public distribution. For your future operations and growth into the German market, articles in BtoB-publications and trade media are an important step. Germany has more than 4.000 special interest and trade magazines, both print and online. With publications on your company in trade media, you create closeness to potential new customers and make sure you are being noticed as a new, interesting player. 

Where are we going?
Workshops and PR-Training

In my workshops we work out your PR strategy. We will develop your company´s storytelling and create content for your future marketing and PR activities. Let´s work out your reputation and your responsibilities by defining your core values. Let´s talk: 0049-173-576 92 87. 


                          Ulrike Beckmann


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